What Is TLS and
How Are We Different

At TLS Weight Loss Solution we’re all about what works for you. Life isn’t rigid or predictable, and your weight loss solution shouldn’t be either. Our comprehensive educational program is custom-made to fit you and your unique lifestyle. Flexibility is key to TLS, which is why anyone can Live the Lifestyle. Learn more at www.bslim.ca

Begin with the End in Mind

‘The act of writing down what we eat helps to raise awareness about what we’re doing.’

‘Keeping a food diary is one of the most powerful weight-management tools we have,’ says Jack Hollis of the Portland, Oregon-based Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research and lead author of the study, which was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Before & After

Price List

Weight Loss Coaching & Education  
Consultation $ 50
12 week program $ 700
6 week program $ 499
21 days program $ 200
Laser Hair Removal
Under Arms series of 6 $ 400  
Under Arms one treatment $ 100
Bikini $ 100